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Upsense Media Capital is a specialist global investment firm offering investment opportunities to institutional and private investors in the Entertainment and Media (E&M) sectors through the Upsense Media Capital Funds to wholesale investors.

Strategically sourced by a successful management team comprised of veteran industry professionals with 100+ years of combined experience in entertainment and fund management – film/television/music production, gaming, virtual reality, live events, distribution and more – Upsense Media Capital provides investors access to a diverse slate of marquee high profile investment opportunities while providing a disciplined approach to mitigating the risk to our members / investors which is grounded in decades of hands-on operational experience.

Upsense Media Capital is aiming to build a diversified portfolio of Media and Entertainment investments with a historically verifiable financial track record, with an eye toward creating a stable baseline of fiscal performance that will endeavor to return a sustainable, above market performance yield.

Upsense makes E&M investments both in Australia and worldwide across the following verticals:








Australia – Upsense Media Capital Fund  – Closed

Australia – Upsense Media Capital Fund I  – Closed